It’s time to sign up for your summer farm shares!

How a CSA works:

When you sign up for a CSA, you are helping a farmer to buy seeds, start plants, and do other early-season work that vegetables and other farm foods require to grow. Early season is a difficult time because while start-up costs for a farm are high, cash flow at that time of year is generally low. By signing up for a share and paying in advance, farmers are able to reliably grow as much as you and your family will need for the late spring, summer, and even into the fall. One of the best features? We deliver right to your door!

When do we start?

For the pick-up farm stand option, you might be able to get started around Memorial Day, depending on the weather, with lettuce, Asian greens, kale, asparagus, fiddleheads and anything else we have managed to coax out of the greenhouse. Our shares will begin around mid-June and continue into September.

What's New:

We now have a Free Choice pick-up option where you pay ahead and then use the balance of your payment as credit at our farm stand. For more details, send us an email at or call either 609-865-3627 or 802-673-5569.

CSA Shares

Full Share - $425

This amount of veggies and pantry foods will feed a family of 4 for a week. With this service, you will be able to save money at the grocery store and get better food for your whole family.

Half Share - $250

This amount of veggies and pantry foods will feed a family of 2 for a week. Experience new vegetables and experiment with the quantities you need.