The Forest

At Clyde River Farm and Forest it is our goal to produce high quality rough sawn products for farm use, with excess sold to cover some of the operating costs of our work in the forest.

Lumber can be custom sawn to meet your needs, from boards to clapboards. We maintain a fairly extensive stockpile of dimensional lumber. 2x4, 2x6, and 1” boards are usually on hand.

All of our lumber is harvested sustainably under the guidance of a stewardship forester. Tops are used for the outdoor boiler at the Clyde River House. Cedar is only harvested in the fall months so brush may be fully utilized for holiday products. Some debris is left intentionally in the woods to enrich the soil and provide wildlife habitat.

Stickers are provided for folks buying green lumber. Providing adequate weight on top of green lumber is the customer’s responsibility.

Quotes & Prices

Please contact us for quotes or a full price list. We try to keep our prices competitive with other local mill prices. We hope our market is a local one.